Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Experiment

It has been long time since my last post because of my horrible internet connection. However I would like to inform you about my recent activities on my project.

Two weeks ago I visited a primary school at Sheffield to do an experiment with children around the age of 5-7. The experiment it was created in such way that children would feel comfortable and be suitable for their age. The experiment was split in 3 parts and was tested to be no more than 20 minutes.

First part: For the first part of the test I used six different fonts (serifs, sanserif, 3D, rounded, Bold, Italic) with the letter "A" printed each one of the letter in black on a A4 paper. The papers were placed on the board so all the children would be able to see them in a distance.
Each child had to stick a green sticker on the letter "A" that liked the most and a red sticker for the one that didn't like. The children were really excited as the test was designed to fit their age and look like a game in order to know better how a 5-7 year old child react and how different they see some things from a grown up.

Second part: The second part was a similar to the first test but the only difference was that the letter "A" was in different colour to see if the children choose a particular font because of their shape or the colour and if colour play an important role in their life.

I was really impressed when the I saw the results from both tests that were the same and that the children picked up Cooper Black font as the best one through out all. The answer why the chose that particular font is because it looks more like an A and its shape is really fancy and happy.

However the font that didn't like at all was Bauhaus as I thought that children would love it because of its friendly round shape. The reason why didn't like it because is really rounded looks like an unfinished A, reminds them of an umbrella and is not beautiful and happy.

Third part: The third part of the experiment was a simple questionnaire asking the children to highlight or to draw in a circle the word that thought look better, the size of the word, how bold they prefer the word and six colours that they like.

The children more or less highlighted the same ones.They prefer the size to be big, bold letters and serif font like cooper black.The colour section was confusing as the boy chose dark colours like blue, green and black when the girls chose yellow, orange and red.

The experience was great and helped me to understand how children think and react in order to help me create something educating and creative for children.

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