Thursday, 18 February 2010

Yesterday I met with Tasha for my proposal feedback when she recommended to look into children's illustrative books that are made for children and not for adults. This will help me to understand what is their favourite story book, the font and colours that prefer and also understand the age difference.

Through my research I looked into books such as alphabeasties. This beautiful children’s book features animals crafted out of typefaces which it has friendly type and bright colours.
Also achieves a perfect balance of fun, friendly and well-executed design.

Also Bruno Munari an Italian artist and designer born in 1907 and died in 1998 created the ABC book for children. With so many alphabet books created so far, this particular book created in 1960 stands out with its simplicity (as it is a ABC book) and its arti friendly look. However ABC's fonts are made with a kid-friendly chunky black and clean-lined water-colours. Also I really like his quote and I thought to use it:

‘A thing is not beautiful because it is beautiful, as the he-frog said to the she-frog: it is beautiful because one likes it.’ Bruno Munari

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